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1. Definition of gender non-conformity

2. Examples of nonconforming gender roles
2.1 Biological
2.1.1 Transgenderism
2.1.2 Intersexuality
2.2 Social
2.2.1 Occupation
2.2.2 Deliberate Singlehood
2.2.3 Homosexuality
2.3 Cultural
2.3.1 Presentation
2.3.2 Performance

3. Explanation for gender nonconformity
3.1 Biological Explanation
3.2 Social Construction
3.2.1 Historicity
3.2.2 Space and Place

4. Socialisation into gender role stereotypes
4.1 Childhood socialisation
4.2 Social negativity towards anything gender atypical
4.3 Media
4.4 State laws and policies
4.5 Religion
4.6 Communication
4.6.1 Verbal
4.6.2 Non-Verbal

5. Consequences of adopting an atypical gender role
5.1. Legal discrimination
5.2. Social discrimination
5.3 Self-discrimination

6. Changes in attitudes towards gender nonconformity
6.1 Increased acceptance
6.1.1 Media
6.1.2 Law
6.2 Decreased acceptance
6.2.1 Gender Pluralism in Southeast Asia
6.2.2. Laws, policies and movements

7. Gender inequality of atypical gender roles
7.1 Leniency Towards Females
7.2 Leniency Towards Males

8. Heteronormativity


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Hi Pamela,
Yuen Shumin is a Teaching Assistant at the Japanese Studies Dept.
She did research on Performance and Transgender, and has a paper written on a transgendered celebrity named IKKO in Japan.
I thought it might be useful for you. This is her email if you wish to contact her:
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